Our campus location is 1276 Kailua Rd, Kailua, HI 96734 (@ One Love Windward)

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Our Story

Saint Benedict Hall (SBH) opened its doors in August of 2018 when a group of home school families from Christ the Foundation Anglican Church chose to band together and pursue education as a cooperative program. With twenty students and eight tutors the program began meeting three mornings a week.  Over the past year, SBH has pursued developing beautiful content, structure and culture. Beginning in August of 2019 we are excited to welcome other families from outside Christ the Foundation to join us. 


A Christian Education

We are a ministry of Christ the Foundation Anglican Church in Kailua, Hawaii. Our learning community is an extension of Sunday worship and a continued participation in the life-giving worship of Almighty God throughout the entire week. Our aim is to be caught up in doing life together through daily corporate prayer and the reading of Scripture. As an Anglican community, we find great joy in participating in liturgical expressions of our faith. We welcome and invite families excited about joining us in our gospel-centered community.


A Classical Education 

Our educational philosophy is rooted in the classical belief that education ought to be the pursuit of wisdom and virtue. The ancients understood the meaning of schooling to be the developing of children into men and women of character who loved what was good, true, and beautiful. We believe that the source of all that is good, true, and beautiful in the world is God himself, and therefore, developing a healthy and robust relationship with God is the ultimate end of our endeavors. The means and path toward knowing and loving God is the child’s spiritual and physical growth in their curiosity, care, respect, responsibility, and attention to the people and place God calls them. All of our subjects are priming our students to these ends. As Charlotte Mason explains, education is a science of relations— the point of the educational endeavor is not primarily to learn facts and skills, but develop relationships with aspects of the world we live in. We learn facts and skills as a means to develop deeper loves for God’s Creation, His story for humanity, and living in right relationship with Him. For more information on Classical Education we suggest reading The Liberal Arts Tradition by Clark & Jain.

A Hybrid Education 


We believe there is a beautiful balance that can be made between three days at “school” and two days at home.  Students can have both the invigorating community of tutors and fellow classmates as well as the sweetness of home education which provides flexibility, restful quiet study, and time with family.  We believe in a strong partnership with parents in the education of their children. While Christ the Foundation provides the school with leadership, vision, and accountability, we understand that a child’s education is primarily the responsibility and role of parents as articulated in Holy Scripture (Deuteronomy 6, Ephesians 6), and that a hybrid education partners with parents in their duty to teach and raise their children in the fear and instruction of the Lord. Our classes for the younger students end after lunch to give additional time for children to spend their afternoons doing other activities with their families. Our program’s curriculum is intended to be supplemented at home with additional curriculum such as math, spelling, and geography, and isn’t designed to be a full academic curriculum. All our families are homeschool families. 


  • Form I (grades 1-3): Hawaiian focus

  • Form II (grades 4-6): American & European focus

  • Form III (grades 7-8): Ancient & Medieval focus

We follow a trimester schedule. At the end of each term there is an exam week followed by a tutor-parent conference where tutors give verbal feedback to the parents.


Program Classes

  • Bible (Alfred Rex Curriculum)

  • Latin (Lingua Latina per se Illustrata)

  • Nature Studies (Nature walks and Nature Study Guide by Furneaux)

  • Humanities (various primary source literature and history books)

  • Classics and Composition (WISE Guide for Spelling by Wanda Sanseri; Classical Composition Curriculum; Plutarch; Shakespeare)

  • Gymnasium

We do not offer classes ‘a la carte’. SBH enrolled students take all classes offered in their form. 

Scheduling and Program Dues

Our program follows an academic calendar which begins the second week of August 2019 and ends the last week of May 2020. We take a one-week Fall Break, two-week Christmas Break, and a one-week Spring Break. There is 36 weeks of academics and instruction including three term exam weeks.

Beginning in August 2019: 

  • Early Years Care (ages 2-5) | 8am-12pm $2500 (available only for tutor’s children)

  • Form I (1st-3rd Grades) | 8am-12pm $2500

  • Form II (4th-6th Grades) | 8am-12pm $2500

  • Form III (7th-8th Grades) | 8am-2pm $3000

*Program Dues are paid in 10 monthly installments or in larger payments to the director. 

If you would like to receive an application packet or schedule a visit to our facilities, please email our director Ben Moore at ben@ctfa.church.