What is your view of the Bible?


We believe that the Bible is the holy inspired word of God. It is the ultimate and final authority for good doctrine and teaching as it has been read, understood and passed down in the instruction of the Church.

What should I expect when I visit?

You should expect to gather with a passionate body of Christians who are committed to worshiping our one Holy God in spirit and truth through the means of prayer, song, the reading and proclamation of God's Word, and feasting at His Table.

Why do you you worship with a liturgy?

Every church has a liturgy: an order of service that can be discerned by its regular attendees.  As Anglicans, we choose (with passion) to use a liturgy that both finds its order from the Biblical Story itself as we seek to retell who it is that God is and what it is that God has done as well as one whose basic order and flow has stood for two thousand years, connecting us with the Fathers of our Faith and holding us accountable to this Faith which has been delivered to us.

Why do you wear robes during the service?

The robes and "vestments" in our worship are not to display rank or blindly follow tradition, but rather a symbolic means to uniquely set apart the time that God has called us to in worship of Himself while also drawing attention away from the personality behind the robe and towards a service of worship conducted in Christ's name alone.  In many ways, it is not unlike the vocation of policeman, soldier, or athlete, all who wear uniforms as to distinguish the uniqueness of their position - a position defined by something greater than their individual person and personality.

What do you believe about the eucharist (communion)?

We believe that, through baptism and faith, God has rescued us from sin and death and united us with his Son Jesus Christ in His own death and resurrection.  Therefore, since God the Father has adopted us as sons and co-heirs with Christ, we are now invited to God's Kingdom Table to feast with Him. In this, we believe that when Christ gathers his Body unto Himself and to this eternal Feast, though it remains a mystery, we become true recipients and partakers with, in, and of Christ in our feasting on the Bread and Wine.

Who can take communion?

The communion table is not the table of Christ the Foundation, but of the Lord. Therefore, it is open to any who have been baptized in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and who are living a life of faith in Christ to come and receive what God has ordained and given for the life of His Church.  Baptized children are always invited to feast with us.

Are your Priests and Deacons allowed to be married?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, the Bible makes it clear that one of the best ways to judge a man’s ability to become a leader in the Church is to evaluate how he leads the family God has given him at home. Though clergy are not required to marry, marriage and family are both encouraged as worthy and beautiful gifts of God.  Our own priest-in-charge has a beautiful wife and five children.